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I’m a lymphoma survivor. So is one of my brothers. One sister battles chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

September is the less known lymphoma cancer awareness month. While the majority of cases of lymphoma cannot be prevented because the exact cause remains unknown, two studies show that people who eat lots of vegetables have about a 50 percent lower risk of getting lymphoma than those who don’t.

So, grab a plate of carrots and broccoli, and CHEERS!



Thanks, Mom.


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Praying and pondering this morning it occurred to me: I am SO GRATEFUL for my full-time, stay-at-home … As a baby I never looked up into a nanny’s or babysitter’s or day care worker’s eyes. It was hers, I saw. It was her arms that soothed me when I fell, learning to walk. Her lap I sat on learning to read. We didn’t have extras like dance lessons, family vacations or name brand clothes, but we had what was most important- mama’s TIME.

I remember meandering walks with her through the neighborhood, past the fire station. I remember sitting on the porch with her, eating popsicles, counting the cars and waiting for Daddy to come home. I remember an outing to a fish hatchery, for fun. I remember from scratch baked cakes rising in the oven and sending a heavenly scent throughout the house. Our home was plain. Uncluttered. Sparsely decorated. Full of love.

What a total, unselfish gift to her family. The mother I am today and strive to be comes directly from the example she set.

Thanks, Mom.

MOM AND ME as a baby

How Pornography Hurts

Along the lines of a TED talk (or an “idea worth spreading”), without actually being a Ted Talk (but still “an idea worth spreading”), here is a riveting You Tube presentation from a panel discussion of just two months ago at the University of Notre Dame. The topic is pornography. This talk is not done on an academic or theoretical level. These four panelists (two on the production side of the pornography industry and two on the consumption side) talk about the impact that pornography has had in their lives:

1. Donny Pauling- a successful producer of porn, eventually being offered a contract from Playboy to develop a lucrative new line- and how the industry not only ruined the lives of those he seduced into it (many young, naive 18 year old college freshmen), but also how it ruined his life.

2. Chrissy Moran- a model who earned $15,000 a month just from her pornographic website alone and was considered one of the most desired, ‘successful’ and beautiful porno ‘actresses’. She shares how she came into the business, what it was like in the business and how and why she got out. Her testimony dispels the common myth that women who do this do so freely and happily- and the myth that porn hurts no one because the women who participate are ‘consenting adults’.

3. Sam Meier- a married man who struggled with pornography for years, beginning in college. His testimony highlights the innumerable destructive consequences of simply viewing pornography. He talks about the degradation in his relationships especially with his wife (Beth)- how it almost destroyed their marriage and ruined his life. Sam now works to help other men who find themselves feeling compelled to turn to pornography

4. Beth Meier – Sam’s wife. She shares how pornography affected her own self worth (“Why am I not enough?”  “Why does he tune me out and not want me but wants strangers?” etc. etc.) She asked for a divorce. Her testimony banishes the theory that porn is ‘harmless’ and hurts no one outside the viewer.

These are real people and real stories. As the gentleman introducing the panelists states, this discussion delves deeply into the topics of intimacy, freedom, power and longing-

According to one panelist, pornography is a $14 BILLION per year revenue industry, exceeding in dollar amount that of the NFL. The frequency of use of porn is higher than the frequency of use of iTunes. The statistics show that the average age of first exposure to pornography is 11, and brain studies show that it impacts neurologically — watching porn, scientific studies have shown, actually produces male brain shrinkage.

I found this so compelling. Please watch and share-

Other links worth checking out related to this topic:

-Watching Pornography Damages Men’s Brains- here.

-Jason Evert- “Love vs Lust”  and The Chastity Project

jason & c evertJason and Crystalina Evert (Their website,  Chastity Project,  here)

-Matthew Fradd’s site to help you overcome pornography. Includes a “battle plan”, “ask an expert” and “encouragement” - here.

matt fradd

Matt Fradd (His website is here)

Matthew was addicted to porn at a young age. Matthew is from southern Australia. At age eight, he found pornography in his grandfather’s shed and became “hooked.”  By age 12, he was stealing porn from neighborhood stores, and by his teen years had acquired a vast pornography collection.

He commented, “No one had to tell me it was a bad thing. I knew it was shameful. I was hoping I’d grow out of it.” Matthew’s teen years were sad; he recalls how he dressed all in black and wrote suicide poems. His father discovered his porn collection, but only expressed mild disapproval.

In 2000, Matthew spent two weeks in Rome for World Youth Day, and was inspired to become Catholic. In the confessional, he admitted his addiction to pornography, and received mixed responses from the priests to whom he went. Some suggested it wasn’t that serious, but he recalls one who told him, “That’s a terrible preparation for marriage.” Matthew said, “That’s what I needed to hear. I didn’t want to justify my porn addiction, but admit that it was wrong.”

In fact, Matthew stressed, the first thing someone who wants to get away from pornography must do is admit that it is wrong, stop blaming others, and make a commitment to change. For Matthew, now 27, the struggle to be porn-free has been “brutal.” He related, “Every day I wake up and decide what kind of man I want to be. Purity is not a destination one arrives at, but a daily battle.”  -From Catholic World Report, Jan. 21, 2011

-The My House Initiative: Archbishop Joseph Naumann’s anti-pornography effort – here.

-US Church Helps Ex Porn Star Come Back To Christ- here

-April Garris, Ex Porn Star tells how the sex industry nearly destroyed her life.  – Part one here (from Ireland’s “The Morning Show”) and Part two here.

I don’t think they (people who watch porn) have the whole truth. I think that they are buying into the lie that the porn industry puts out there. . . because what you see on the video isn’t really what’s taking place. You know, you don’t see in between scenes where girls are physically sick because of the trauma … you know,  you don’t see the porn stars out back snorting coke ….or getting high…trying to cope with it. You know, you don’t see the disgusting, gross stuff that goes on…the unhealthy conditions…what you see is just a small snippet…. on my first porn set the thought that kept going through my mind was ‘this will be over soon…this will be over soon…’ Once you’re done, you’re so relieved.


I suppose it (watching porn) would be an easy trap to fall into.… (but) Anyone who watches porn – even just clicks on the internet site- is actually contributing to the victimization and degradation of these women.”

“Drugs are a huge part of it (to numb and escape) and they drive you into a really dark, dark place.”

“After leaving the industry I actually went to a psychiatric ward because of the trauma I endured.”

-Christian Leader’s Dire Warning About Porn, Horror Flicks and Demonic Possession- here.

-Catholics Come Home- facts and help- here

-Integrity Restored- Helping Catholic Men Break Free from Pornography  here

-Reclaim Sexual Health “Brain Science of Behavior in the Light of Faith” – here

-Catechism of the Catholic Church on sexual love and dangers of pornography- here

-The Serenellians Catholic Apostolate is composed of lay and religious who dedicate themselves to combat the evils of pornography and assist those affected by it to bring hope, encouragement and strength -here.

-Helping women escape from pornography and the ‘adult’ film industry: The Pink Cross, Treasures, We Are Cherished

-Porn: The Marriage Wrecker from Catholic Match – here

-Strengthen Your Marriage After Porn here.

-Rebuilding Trust in Marriage After Pornography: here. 


(the) porn generation (is) people 30 and younger who sit around and watch porn with their parents- but we just call it things like “Two and a Half Men”. We know what’s going on. They might have their clothes on but when you’re laughing about that  sort of activity with your parents then it becomes easy to recruit you into porn….

We were very good at making it seem like it was their idea. ..Manipulation. I did that by telling them porn wasn’t for them when they first came into my office (but then) they’d be around my very lavish lifestyle…I  started them off doing soft core and alone- get them used to the money then slowly (get them into harder things)… It was very easy to recruit.

I would slowly watch the lights go out (of their eyes). This isn’t the part of porn we like to see. We think this is the polished video..

On screen it is amazing and attractive, but we don’t  see the girls curled up in a ball in a corner in a fetal position between takes or sucking their thumbs because their minds are so blown away by what they just had to do, or have to have surgery to repair damage done to their body.” – Donny Pauling, former porn producer of photography and film

A good society is a society in which it is easy to be good. By that definition, we do not live in a good society. With porn use at an all time high, the stability of families and our culture itself is threatened. Share this link. Share the video. Share the resources available. Support someone you know who struggles with pornography. If it’s you, today you can begin to a path of purity, healing and true joy in the ultimate enjoyment of sexuality that God intended.  I’d like to close with a Bible quote from the  Serenellian Catholic Apostolate website. More prayers can be found here. God bless you, your marriage and your family!

When you come to serve the Lord,
prepare yourself for trials.
Be sincere of heart and steadfast,
undisturbed in times of adversity.
Cling to Him, forsake Him not;
thus, will your future be great.
Accept what befalls you;
in crushing misfortune be patient.
For, in fire gold is tested and worthy men
in the crucible of humiliation.
Trust God and He will help you.
Make straight your ways and hope in Him.
You who fear the Lord, wait for His mercy.
Turn not away, lest you fall.

- Sirach 2:1-7

Update on Situation in Venezuela- and what YOU can do-


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The media silence in the United States about the situation in Venezuela is deafening- I was watching CBS News this morning and heard lots of talk about the Oscars and even recreational use of marijuana, but I didn’t hear anything about Venezuela and how its government is seriously oppressing its people! The government is responsible for murder and torture and news reporters don’t report it?  I am hoping I missed it! Even the roundup of what is going on in the world, with a world map for viewers, did not include anything about Venezuela. I can’t figure out if this is intentional or not-

I suspect a lot of people don’t want to touch the topic of the serious human rights abuses because of the political implications- left leaning politicians probably don’t want to shed light on how socialism/ communism hurts people, and how government controlled society FAILS. Right leaning politicians probably don’t like the idea of the United States getting involved in something that may lead to people requesting easier immigration laws or involvement in foreign affairs not directly related to us, or they may not like a particular politician who has spoken out against the atrocities occurring in Venezuela- The fact is, this is a human rights violation and needs to be addressed regardless of one’s political affiliation! The politics of it can be sorted out later- right now these people are being murdered and oppressed by their own government and the world needs to know!

Catholics, indeed all Christians, must rise above politics to support what is RIGHT, not wait to comment until something fits neatly into a political box. Venezuelan families are suffering at the hand of a brutal oppressive government. The ‘demands’ of the people are simply peace and freedom, and to be left alone from the government’s repression of their rights. We must not let leaders of our political affiliations tell us how to react to this gross violation. We must be compassionate and truthful. How can we not speak out when people are being shot in the head, detained and tortured for holding signs?

Here is an updated video about the situation- Please view and share:

What can you do?

1. PRAY 

Prayer is powerful.

Again [amen,] I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father.” (Matthew 18:19)

He said to them, “Because of your little faith. Amen, I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20)

If then, my people, upon whom my name has been pronounced, humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and heal their land…” (2 Chronicles, 7:14)

“I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.” (James 5:16)

Catholics, praying the rosary is powerful. Other Christians, please join us, or pray in any other way you see fit.

2. Share Information With Your Family and Friends

Link to this blog, send the link to the videos here, discuss what is going on in Venezuela at the dinner table, at mother’s groups, after Mass, with your sister, brother, parents, friends.

3. Ask Your Senator to Make a Statement About / Address the Venezuelan Crisis

You can find your senator by zip code HERE.


Dear Senator X,

As you surely must be aware, a crisis has emerged in our Latin American neighbor country Venezuela. The oppressive, socialist Venezuelan government has turned against its people with violence against their peaceful demonstrations for peace, security and safety.  Below are some links that substantiate this fact.

Please address this issue with your colleagues and make a public statement opposing the atrocities of the Venezuelan government against its people. I wait for your response to this very important issue. 

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Your Name

4. Write to the major U.S. News Outlets and ask WHY they are not covering the gross oppression occurring just south of our country

Contact NBC News here

Contact ABC News here

Contact CBS News here

A few simple sentences asking for coverage of the event is sufficient. It only takes a few minutes, and could be done prior to your quilting group, homeschool meeting, dinner with friends, etc. This is so easy you can even do it while waiting at the doctor’s office or library on your cell phone!

5. Stay up to date on Twitter by following the following hashtags: #PrayForVenezuela, #SOSVenezuela, #VenezuelaPeaceful #Venezuela  If you follow these hashtags you will often see photos posted by Venezuelans of what is happening to them at that moment- Most of these personal posts are in Spanish, but Twitter has and you can use the ‘translate’ function. Click ‘translate’ in the upper left hand corner when prompted.

Stay up to date on Facebook by ‘liking’ these pages:

Praying for Venezuela  (my page)

Pray for Venezuela (It is my understanding that this page is posted by Ruben Blades a popular Panamanian recording artist and politician -It is a Spanish page- see below about translating) Allegedly, this page was actually responded to by Venezuelan president Maduro. Read the ‘notes’ section for more on that-

SOS Venezuela This page gets posts from those who run the SOS Venezuela website. (The website where information is shared and images are shared is here)

Some of these Facebook pages are in Spanish, but Facebook offers a ‘translate’ option when the page loads. Again, just like Twitter, you can choose the option of reading in English by clicking on ‘Translate’ on the upper left hand corner of your screen.

6. Write Letters to the Editor

Here is a list of and addresses for major news publications in the United States.

Sample letters to the editor would include information that the Venezuelan government is oppressing its people and the United States media is virtually ignoring it. Letters written could include any particular viewpoint, from pointing out the shortages and government control of all necessities, to the police shooting its own citizens to anything highlighted in news coming out from Venezuela. The point of the letter is to bring awareness and ask why there is no sustained and serious national media attention on this serious human rights issue. 

Thank you for caring about our South American neighbors. God bless you!!!

Photo from the Reality Venezuela's postPeaceful protestors in Caracas yesterday. Courtesy of ‘La Realidad en Venezuela’ Facebook page. 

UPDATE: New video from A. Nash, student whose first video on the situation in Venezuela went viral in a matter of days. This one addresses the updated situation and what people can do to help:

(Warning: Some sounds and images are disturbing. Do not view with young children.)

You may also be interested in:

-Why You Should Use Social Media To Spread the Word of Venezuelan Protests

-Top Three Reasons American Media Needs to Pay Attention to Venezuela (short video with interviews actually in Venezuela, comparing what’s on television there that the government is broadcasting and what is actually happening outside)  Mariana Atencio

-This blog by “Daniel”, a pseudonym for a Venezuelan citizen who writes extensively about pro-democracy in a post Chavez Venezuela. For safety purposes (government is not appreciative of his viewpoint against Chavez ) he does not give his real name.  The perspective is decidedly ‘insider’. I do not endorse or disapprove of any posts- I simply offer the blog as a real life view of one who lives through the Maduro regime.

Talks With Our Daughters~ Treasures from the pages Part 1


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I have been given many little treasures throughout the decades of my life. One of these is a little leather-bound (falling apart) book, Talks With Our Daughters by Sister Eleanore from 1925, and published by Benziger Brothers, printers to the Holy Apostolic See. I thought I would share some of the words from this little treasure here with you. I have not seen it anywhere else. I’m not sure it has ever been reprinted. The context is that this book was written for young ladies. Sister Eleanore was an educated woman with a Ph.D. who taught Catholic girls in school. She wrote a series of talks for their benefit. The language in Sister’s writing is somewhat formal, very much in keeping with other similar books of the day, but the message she shares is beautiful and  timeless.

This first installation (Part 1) deals with giving girls an appreciation for their value and worth as unique individuals made by God. Sister gently challenges each to be her best self, and in doing so she offers an unique and unrepeatable gift to the world.

Enjoy-  Image

The quality of any race or people is determined more by its women than by its men. Men dominate in the wold of external activities, but emotionally they are influenced by women for good or for evil. Though the relations between men and women are freighted with illusion, out of this illusion come great virtues: chivalry, the magic of the home, and the hope of the nation. The teacher and friend of girls, therefore enjoys a privilege which brings with it a fearful responsibility. Along with their secular education, girls must be taught those religious principles upon which character is founded . The whole meaning of Christian living is contained in the two great commandments enjoining the love of God and the love of neighbor. It is the purpose of this little book to set forth in a series of talks some ways of observing these commandments in such manner as to aid the …girl, and perhaps others, in the development of character.

…Beauty, is not, as so many think, a mere external; it must come primarily and chiefly from within. Yet, it is possible so to permeate oneself with the beautiful that it becomes part of oneself, just as sunlight permeates air. There is no real difference between the air of the day and that of the night; yet the former is filled with light. In like manner is charming personality permeated with beauty of soul. In these days when the subtle powers of darkness have been loosed upon earth as never before, it is very necessary that the young woman face the light of truth and idealism and make her soul so clear and free from evil that this sunlight of beauty may shine through her being…


The first commandment of all is, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with thy

whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with they whole mind, and with thy whole strength.”

When the long twilight shadows creep from the west across the world and the children of day begin to drowse, perchance, sitting alone in your room, you fall into pensive mood. The gloaming hour, drifting slowly downward in its mantle of darkness to which the failing fingers of the day still cling, brings the brooding sky so near that you can almost look beyond it. Through your window you see the faint tracery of the leaves against the heavens and you watch the stars come one by one into the blue. Mayhap you reflect that among those millions of leaves and stars no two leaves and no two stars are exactly alike. Perhaps your soul travels on the swift wings of your imagination to the remotest corners of the world, passing over the millions of people who may be, as you are, dreaming in the solemn stillness of this sanctuary hour. Possible you are arrested by the thought that among all these people there are no two persons exactly alike. What then, of you?

Generation after generation has lived and died upon the earth; generation after generation will live and die upon the earth. but you have never before lived among men, and another you never will live among them in the years to come. How wonderful then, how important is this first and only YOU…


….You ask yourself, In what are you so wonderful and so important? Modest though you be you must answer that the reason is in your very self, because you are infinitely loveworthy. Long, long before the first star was set int he firmament, long before the earth brought forth its first green herb, you existed in the heart of your eternal Lover. Everlastingly He has seen you as you now dream in this twilight hour. Eternally, as a lover must, He has watched over you, has joyed in your happiness, has sorrowed in your sorrow, has rejoiced in your success, has lamented in your failure. ..What a Lover is He! …In human love there is always the danger of instability. If you love in a selfish manner, you fear that your dear one may prefer another before you, you fear lest at some time there be some lack of confidence between you, you face the possibility that your ideals may be disappointed by some weakness in the object you regard…If on the other hand you love unselfishly, you (may have) doubts of yourself…In your natural wish to fill the life of your loved one with sweetness, you (may) lament your impotence. But your divine Lover can do all these things for you.

At every dawning a throng of little joys…run out from under the throne of God to brighten your waking hours. Among them may be some little griefs, with rainbow wings, because they know that they shall be treasured for eternity when their sad work of the day is done. The joys would far outnumber the griefs even if you were the saddest of men…

…God made this only YOU, first for Himself, then for your own sake, and finally that you might be of service to others. Since he has made only one YOU, he has designed for you from eternity a special place in the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, there is a special human life on earth that you alone can live, and there is a particular work in the world which you alone can do…

…In this quiet hour of meditation…enter into yourself and study your strength, your weakness, your abilities, your incompetencies. ..

Your Beloved…wants others to share His bliss in you. He therefore gave you intelligence, beauty, charm, in a word., He made you lovable…Have you, perchance, spoiled God’s handiwork in you? Have you failed to keep your beauty of soul and mind and body? have you allowed selfishness to destroy your charm? Have you developed your mind at the expense of your heart…? Ask yourself these serious questions.

If happily you have kept and augmented your intelligence and beauty and charm, have you allowed others to share them with you? Do you spend yourself that others may have joy in you? there is in you hidden loveliness that no one else can ever possess. Are you going to your grave without letting others see it? If you do, you will have deprived them of something which none but you can supply. A leaf is only a little thing, and yet the first leaf to fall from the tree mars the summer beauty of the whole…If one heart fails to contribute its individual gift to the spiritual wealth of humanity, the loss is not only irreparable, but of everlasting consequence.

Will you occasion such a loss? You may do so if you fail to speak the little word of kindness that means so much, if you fail to do for others the little deeds of self-sacrifice. The only road to happiness is the road of self-sacrificing service. If you think of yourself, as you should, only in terms of eternity, what will the transient trials of a day mean to you? If you waste no time in brooding over your difficulties, you will have more time in which to overcome them. You will have also more time in which to help others in their troubles. As you look back over the day that has just gone, you will see that the truly happy moments have been those in which there was the least thought of self...Today has gone forever, but you can look forward to the morrow. Night unfolds the earth and your twilight hour is ended. you must go to your work or to your play or to your rest. May the spirit of this hour remain with you then and always!

-Sister M. Eleanore C.S.C.,, PhD


photo courtesy of APKDad

Chivalry is Not Dead-


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Open your door?

They got that.

Hold your coat so you can slide in?

No problem.

Real men still behave like knights in shining armor and there are, despite some ideas to the contrary, still plenty around. Moms and dads are training their sons even as I type….

Here is my latest from Today’s Catholic News: Chivalry is not dead with Catholic men….

knight on white horsephoto courtesy of



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