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Praying and pondering this morning it occurred to me: I am SO GRATEFUL for my full-time, stay-at-home …..mom. As a baby I never looked up into a nanny’s or babysitter’s or day care worker’s eyes. It was hers, I saw. It was her arms that soothed me when I fell, learning to walk. Her lap I sat on learning to read. We didn’t have extras like dance lessons, family vacations or name brand clothes, but we had what was most important- mama’s TIME.

I remember meandering walks with her through the neighborhood, past the fire station. I remember sitting on the porch with her, eating popsicles, counting the cars and waiting for Daddy to come home. I remember an outing to a fish hatchery, for fun. I remember from scratch baked cakes rising in the oven and sending a heavenly scent throughout the house. Our home was plain. Uncluttered. Sparsely decorated. Full of love.

What a total, unselfish gift to her family. The mother I am today and strive to be comes directly from the example she set.

Thanks, Mom.

MOM AND ME as a baby