Favorite Websites, Blogs, Links~

I’m just getting this started- please be patient. I tell my girls they can’t work on their blogs until their work is finished for the day- I have to set a good example, but boy is it hard! Building this page will be slow and steady. The sidebar shows sites that regularly run my articles. They are, of course, my favorites too. Here are others you might like (click the image or the title to be taken to the site):

Couple to Couple League: Learn Natural Family Planning to love and live naturally~

This beautiful new Catholic women’s site is run by my good friend Jenny. Pop in to share stories, read about moments of grace and support and uplift other moms. 

My 12 year old daughter’s ballet blog, Penche Princess (perhaps your dance-loving teen daughter would like to join her there.

Catholic Mom of 10, my Homeschool Heart co-author Patti Armstrong’s inspirational blog

Gae Onions, mother of 12, writes from Australia with homemaking tips and inspiration

Sue Elvis also writes from Australia! She loves to connect mom bloggers.



My beautiful friend Kim Fry is an amazing photographer and mom. Her story is in the Homeschool Heart book.  Follow her blog to get photography tips and a slice of life in the love-blessed Fry household. Sorry I don’t have a banner for her gorgeous blog, but please do visit her. You won’t be sorry!



Elizabeth is an amazing homeschool mom who is also a contributor to the Homeschool Heart book. Elizabeth has been around on the ‘net way longer than I have, and chances are, you’ve already got her lovely blog bookmarked. In case you don’t, here you go!

Another good friend Tracy from the East Coast writes about cakes, homeschooling, couponing, natural family planning and other good stuff. Take a peek at her fun blog for baking ideas, tips for saving money and more-

~More Coming soon!~

1 thought on “Favorite Websites, Blogs, Links~”

  1. Theresa,

    My blog is on your favourites page! What a delightful surprise. Thank you so much!

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