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Please pray for Venezuela- for peace and freedom. This is what is happening- right NOW.


From Students for Students in Venezuela :

February 12th was the Day of The Youth in Venezuela, and students went out to the street to protest because of their decadent standards of living: hyperinflation, shortages of basic goods, extreme violence in the streets, outrageous insecurity(25,000+ homicides in 2013), among many other socioeconomic and political problems.

The government sent out the army and the national guard to dissolve the protests, and students were killed, hundreds were jailed or are missing, many are in hospitals injured and fighting for their lives.

The students kept protesting, they have been in the streets since Wednesday February 12th, and THEY ARE NOT GIVING UP! They want the illegitimate government that brought the country to its worst level of misery, out! They want the people of Venezuela to be able to start rebuilding the country so the youth can start hoping for a bright future again, so the Venezuelan people can live in peace.”

Editor’s note: I personally know a family involved. Shortages of basic goods such as toilet paper and milk is not uncommon. Guns are illegal, but thugs have access to them. Carjackings are rampant. Cars are tinted for safety, and the license numbers of cars are routinely engraved on the sides of cars because carjackings are so common. Genesis Carmona, 22 year old Miss Venezuela 2010 was brutally shot and killed Februry 18, 2014. In January, former Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear, was shot and killed with her ex husband in front of their five year old child in a brutal roadside robbery just west of Caracas.

With over 65 homicides per day, and one of the most dangerous capitals in the world. 90% of the murders are not prosecuted. These conditions lead students to protest.

PLEASE pray for this country and these people!

This video above was created by a 21 year old native Venezuelan girl. Read this : how a first time filmmaker alerted the world to the student protests in Venezuela. 

Previously she says she used YouTube “just to view random music videos”. Then on Thursday last week she attended class as usual in the school of marketing and telecommunications at the University of Florida. She and her fellow students were learning how to use Adobe Premier Pro. “I learned it in a day,” she says. Then the next day, “I woke up, and from 10am to 10pm I made the video. I skipped class and everything. Usually I am not good at technology. I don’t know how to check my computer for a virus. When I made the film, it was like God was moving my hands.

This is the story of Genesis Carmona, the 22 year old marketing student and professional model (“Miss Tourism” of Venezuela) who was brutally killed by Venezuelan government officials/ police during student protests in Valencia yesterday- 

genesis carmona 2

22 year old Genesis Carmona, brutally murdered in a peaceful anti-government protest yesterday, courtesy of Voxxi 

Last month, in January, another former Miss Venezuela, Miss Monica Spear, was shot and killed with her former husband in front of their five year old daughter on a roadside by thugs. This type of rampant murder is one part of what students are protesting against.

Monica Spear

Monica Spear, former Miss Venezuela, Universe 2005, brutally murdered roadside outside of Caracas, Venezuela in front of her five year old daughter.

Photo courtesy of Liberty Voice

You can join the Facebook page “Praying for Venezuela” or “Students for Venezuela” to keep up to date.

UPDATE: This picture below is from Valencia, Venezuela  from THIS Twitter account:

picture taken Valencia Venezuela 840 pm Feb 19 from Students for Students FB page

Caracas Chronicles has up to date video footage of what has transpired in the last few hours. Warning: it is disturbing and not appropriate for young children. Language in the comments are also not suitable for youngsters.

The patroness of Venezuela is Our Lady of Coromoto

our lady of coromotoCatholics, please PRAY A ROSARY NOW to ask God for protection of innocent civilians and for this wounded country.

Those of other faiths, please pray in any way you see fit. We are united in asking God for protection for the people in Venezuela, particularly the innocent young who have done nothing wrong.

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UPDATE: Video of FL Senator Marco Rubio speaking against the oppressive Cuban government and how Cuba is supporting the atrocities being perpetrated against the unarmed citizens of Venezuela. 

And watch here where reporter Wolf Blitzer interviews Rubio about Venezuela and the accusation by Maduro that he is ‘craziest of crazies’:


“I  am … pointing out the human rights violations….we should be involved and care…they should be getting the same level of attention as what is happening in Egypt…Ukraine…this is actually closer to us ..we should put together a package of sanctions against these individuals who are committing these atrocities, these crimes…” 

“We need to lead through our example….” 

“Cubans get free and cheap oil from Venezuelans. their interest is keeping this regime in place…their benefactors. Cuba is (helping)repress activities…helping further terrorism around the world….” 

Let us add our prayers for American lawmakers and leaders who have the courage to stand up for the freedom of Venezuelan citizens and for peace there! Please join me in praying an Our Father for their protection, wisdom, courage and strength during this difficult hour and desperate time of need for our South American neighbors.