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No, my friends, Indiana is not exciting. It does not have amazing weather, breathtaking mountains, salty ocean breezes, many famous people….or many famous historic battlefields for that matter. BUT…

The people here (Hoosiers as we are called ) are generally salt-of-the-earth people, hardworking and friendly. The grocery store checkout clerks will ask YOU how much you think the locally grown tomatoes cost if they don’t see a price, and they trust what you tell them. Tonight, at our minor league baseball game, country songs blared over the speakers (record crowds meant about 7,000) singing about God, America, and EVERY person I saw stood quietly or sang the national anthem before the game. Hats were off the men. Hands were over hearts. Children stood quietly. No drama anywhere as far as I could see, and when the game ended, before the fireworks started, the vendors GAVE AWAY leftover hot dogs to anyone who wanted them in the crowd.

This state isn’t perfect, but it’s comfortable and it’s HOME. Tonight, I am grateful for this and more. Happy Fourth of July, Independence Day. One nation under God. It is still our country and we will find our way back some how. God bless America!

3rd of July at the Cove 2013