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I thought we got pretty lucky today.

Ok, you’re either going to you find this amusing and totally relate ( likely if you have a bunch of kids or a sweet tooth yourself)…or find yourself slightly disturbed (at the thought of eating someone’s leftovers.) I’m not shy. We are clearly in the first group.

One of the guys David works with had a birthday today. His assistant brought in a cake for him. The only thing is, the birthday guy has been out of town all week.

Including today.

The people in the office adjusted, of course.

They pulled out napkins and cut slices anyway. After all, it’s the weekend, and the birthday guy won’t be back until Monday, right?

Leave it to the father of nine to volunteer to take the remaining half of the cake home (You realize it was just to keep it from spoiling)

Squeals met Dad when he told the girls the surprise in the front seat of his car. They rushed out in freezing weather to get it.


So worth it.

Half vanilla. Half chocolate. A snowman on top. With sparkly sugar. We couldn’t have ordered a nicer one.

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Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Whoever you are.