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Someone sent me a video about George Dennehy’s family- a big, beautiful, adoptive family overflowing with love and generosity. I watched the original video and was so touched by it that I posted it here to share. Then, I tooled around You Tube, watching the other videos posted by George.

I couldn’t believe what I saw.

George has an amazing story. According to his father’s account, George weighed about nine pounds at one year of age, and was languishing in a Romanian orphanage, sickly, with no arms, and expected to die soon.

But George was chosen, adopted, loved anyway. His parents taught him that life is beautiful, and worth living, and that just as it is a gift to him, he is a gift to life. They encouraged him to develop his talents to the fullest, which, in his case included learning to play many instruments….with his feet.

Would you like to see some of George’s talent? Click below. Then, if you would like, subscribe to his You Tube page to receive updates from this talented young man. Be inspired. And pass it on. We all have something special to offer to this world. What difference can YOU make when you love God, follow His will, choose generosity and develop your own gifts?

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Enjoy this below and have a wonderful day!

George did this:

which drew the attention of the Goo Goo Dolls, creator of the song. So, George was invited to sing with them:

Here’s an interview with George:

And here is the story of the family, as told by the father Mike, “How God Can Form a Family”: