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I came across this yesterday and wanted to share it with you~

It is a beautiful, FREE, Catholic -home/school/liturgical year- planner download-

This Catholic mother offers her beautiful planner FREE and asks simply that the link be provided – that others download from her site directly- and if visitors are so inclined (no requirement) to make a donation, to do so for the orphans in Bulgaria where she adopted her children. You can also purchase a hard copy if you prefer, for $21.95.

This was designed for homeschooling needs, but it is easy to see how a non-homeschooling mother could find it extremely helpful in planning children’s activities, out-of-school lessons (virtue training?), keeping track of sports activities and more, all while living richly the Liturgical year-
Here is the link to download.And here is the link about the children in the orphanage.j
God bless you. Have a great weekend-