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I love my kids. I love their friends. Heck, I love the vitality of all young people- they are so full of enthusiasm, depth and promise, strength and hope. Because of this, I love to share about and support up-and-coming talent, whether it be in the writing, music or other genres of creativity. Here is the cover of a Casting Crowns song “East to West” that I think you’ll like,  by a talented young man named Jared Keim.


For more information about Jared, click here. 

To view Jared’s You Tube channel, click here. 

From  his Facebook page:

Music is my life and my biggest passion! I have played guitar for 8 years, sang most of my life, drums here and there for about 4 years, and I’m currently teaching myself piano. Everyday i try 2 learn somethin new and try 2 challenge myself more and more. I give the thanks to God for the talents that I have. I have a great family that supports me in everything I do…..well…..most everything! Haha! But yea if you just want drama, stay away, cuz I dont like drama and dont like the people who cause it! Im a fun loving guy and i do whatever i can to get a smile. I want to be remembered for the passion I have for God and music. I want people to be able to think about me and smile knowing that if i was around, I would be making them smile 🙂