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Yesterday after Mass, a woman I had never seen before came up to me and said, “I just have to tell you something.”

I glanced at five of my beautiful daughters who had accompanied my husband and me to church. Would this woman tell me my family was lovely? Was she going to compliment them on their angelic singing voices? I primed myself for a praise for the girls and decided I would be gracious.

But the woman did not offer any such kudos. Instead, she merely said, looking at their long hair, “I bet you go through a lot of shampoo.”


Then I laughed. Thank you, God, for keeping me humble, and yes, we do go through a lot of shampoo. And as a matter of fact, we go through a lot of Draino because the shower drains are constantly getting clogged.

Oh, our Lord has a way of keeping our hearts in the right places, doesn’t He?