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I do it because I love him.

I do it because it gives me pleasure.

I do it because it is cheaper than the alternative.

What is it?….

When the babies were little and kept coming every other year, it was sometimes a challenge to keep them dry, fed, and happy, the house organized, and myself reasonably rested and motivated. Some days it was 11 a.m. and I was still in sweats with breakfast dishes piled in the sink., running with the toddler for the third time into the bathroom for a ‘dry run’ and juggling the baby on my hip.  I gave great effort, prioritized the best I could, but I put “people before things” so the house wasn’t exactly House Beautifulor Good Housekeeping material. Back then, my prayer life consisted mostly of “please God let them nap at the same time” or a deep sighed “thank you” at the end of a busy day, and when I made it with them out to Mass on Friday mornings, it was a BIG DEAL. Work got done, but slowly and interrupted. My husband and I took shifts to get everything done. We kept to the essentials. It was all we could do.

Now that my babies are older (youngest just turned seven) the physical strain isn’t so much, I am a bit more organized and can do some things that I have wanted to do for a long time. In the morning, I exercise and can say a good solid “quality praying” rosary on the sofa alone before I really start my day. I also have been making breakfast for my husband and lunch for him to take to work each morning.

We’re all at different stages in our lives, sometimes more able to do this or that and sometimes less so. I preface this because I don’t want anyone feeling guilty for not doing the extra things if the time in her life is not right for that, if it is the very busy season of babies every (other) year, breastfeeding, mothering little ones or whatever keeps your feet tapping in responsibility and love. There is a season for everything and sometimes it’s the season of tag-teaming with your husband. If that is your season, do not feel bad. Move forward and maybe consider this for the future. But if the time is ripe and you feel you can swing it, maybe you’ll want to start doing this one little thing for your beloved-…………..Read more here.