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A video has gone viral on the Internet in the last couple days- the true life, short film love story of twenty-something Larissa and Ian. The two met in college and dated almost a year, heading seriously toward marriage, when Ian was involved in a near fatal car accident which disabled him. Not only did Ian suffer physical impairment but also traumatic brain injury. The family did not expect him to make it through the night. Brain activity had ceased. But the next morning, brain activity began coming back. This gave everyone hope that Ian might make it.

Ian did make it, but his progress was slow. When Ian came out of a coma he couldn’t speak. Doctors did not know the extent of his injury or what it would mean long term, if he made it long term. No one would have blamed his girl friend Larissa for wanting to move on, to pray for him, kindly visit occasionally and close that chapter of her life. Instead, she moved in with his family and began taking shifts in caring for him…..


My cousin Liz and her husband Kevin are the proud parents of a large brood of children. Their oldest son Kevin was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he was young. Dad Kevin was self-employed in a law firm to provide for the family. Mom Liz worked as a nurse at the hospital on weekends to provide excellent medical insurance. Kevin’s condition declined and he went into a wheelchair, then lost ability for many muscular functions, slowly.

Most families in a similar situation might have had to turn to a nursing facility for care, or might have chosen to do so because of the difficulty in providing care at home. However, Liz, whose profession as a nurse came in quite handy, and Kevin kept young Kevin close to them and provided as much care as they could, as well as provided as normal life as possible for their son and the rest of their children…..

….Is radical love only for a few? Is radical love something expressed in unusual situations only once in a while by only rare people with some great and scarce gift?……

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