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I learned breastfeeding the old fashioned way – from the La Leche League book given to me by a nursing mother when I had a hungry, crying newborn on my lap and no knowledge of how to get the milk in him, really. I was coached by those who had gone before and done it first, a legacy of love from one generation of mothers to the next.

Elizabeth Foss, in her recent piece, considers the Time Magazine cover (Google it if you want to see it. I’m not linking to it ),  which exploits nursing and attachment parenting, from a very personal vantage point- she was asked to consider posing for the picture herself. Please take the time to read this thoughtful post. 

My own thoughts echo Elizabeth’s. Breastfeeding is a personal, loving, self-giving, ongoing, bonding act, distinctly relationship-building between two people, mother and child. The Time Magazine cover, like so many things in media today, misses the point and creates confusion. I personally think it’s mean. I think it’s mean to the mothers who nurture their children in this way and to the lucky children who receive the love and tenderness of a self-giving, breastfeeding mother. I think it’s mean to the individual child who is pictured on the cover. But worse than that, sadly, it entirely fails to convey what is really important about maternal love and feeding.