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{photo credit: Sue Elvis}

One of my earliest memories is looking into my mother’s eyes.

I must have been a baby because I don’t remember much else other than that- well, that and feeling comfortable warm, secure. I often wonder, even today, when I meet people who can’t or don’t make eye contact if it is because they did not have the first, warm mother/child connection when they were babies.  Feeling love and total acceptance through an affectionate gaze has got to be one of life’s grandest, sweetest things.  And I think it must be harder to connect with people later on if one misses out on that early on.

Because of this early eye contact and knowing how important it must be in the development of a child, I tried to make a point with my own babies to initiate and maintain that loving gaze often. It really wasn’t that hard- I loved staring at my little ones in awe and in wonder anyway, even as I was pondering what on earth God was thinking to bestow such a perfect gift as this child on such an imperfect person and inexperienced mother such as me.

I enjoyed looking at my children, smiling at them, and hugging them often. I told them that they were important, smart and good. Some nights I would sneak into their bedrooms long after they were asleep and whisper these things into their ears. “You’re such a good boy. Mama loves you.” Or “You are a sweet, wonderful little girl.”  And I’d stroke their heads and hope that in their dreams they heard me…….


**Thank you so much to Sue Elvis,

my blogging friend from New South Wales,

for publishing this in the land ‘down under’! 🙂

 Isn’t the internet awesome for connecting moms?**