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My daughter Grace would like you to know about the benefits of ballet. I promised her if she wrote a nice couple paragraphs about what she thinks I would publish it on my blog. So, here it is- Grace’s “Benefits of Ballet” :

Ballet can do so much for a person… Read more HERE. 

Grace, leaping…

If your daughters take ballet and would like to check out a blog about dance, please visit Grace at Penche Princess or Everything With Grace.  She would love to have you visit!


Ballet Benefits

Grace Thomas

Ballet can do so much for a person. First, it helps you learn discipline. In ballet, you must listen to the instructor and pay attention so that you will get the combination and the corrections the instructor gives you. In between combinations, center or bar, you must stand quietly in the back until its time to do it. Also, you learn discipline from dancing the movement precisely. If a dancer does not have discipline, and does not listen and take the corrections he or she gets, it is more likely that that person won’t improve as much otherwise is possible.

Second, ballet is great for your health.  When you get to the certain level in dance where you dance almost 24/7 (like me), then you really stay in shape! But even if you only dance once a week, if you do the steps correctly and try to work the right muscles, you get the same work out only a little less intense. Dance is also good from an eating perspective. Eating the right healthy foods when you’re taking ballet classes is a good way of keeping in good, physical shape.  Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and even granola bars every now and then are a smart way to keep healthy. Dairy products are good to eat as well. Some good drinks would be water (of course), Emergen-C (it is a drink that athletes use.), orange juice, etc. There are certainly many healthful benefits from dancing ballet.

Third, ballet exposes you to classical music and artistic dance form that you probably wouldn’t be experience elsewhere on a regular basis. When you rehearse The Nutcracker, for example, night after night you are hearing Tchaikovsky’s composition. You learn to distinguish between different musical instruments and see firsthand how music can depict deep feeling and emotion. Learning about classical music is valuable and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Fourth, in ballet, you learn to have good posture and it gives you GREAT confidence. When I am out in public I find myself standing up like I would in class or on stage. Posture is very important when it comes to performances. It is very significant that you always stand up as tall as you can be. Also, the confidence ballet gives you can really improve you as a person. You learn to try new things and keep going if you don’t get the steps, and it’s not just in ballet. In your every-day life you can be more confident in a lot of things you do. Ballet really helps with posture and confidence.

Fifth, dancing ballet with others helps you learn great teamwork and how to work together as a group toward a common goal. Dancers must stay in their lines, and try to be in sync. Dancers cover for one another and often must learn multiple roles in case another dancer becomes injured or sick. It is an amazing feeling to take a bow together after a great performance. Dancing encourages teamwork. The ability to work with others can last a lifetime.

And last but not least, ballet is FUN!! You get to dance in pointe shoes and wear beautiful costumes, the roles can be very enjoyable and you meet new friends too! It’s really fun to not just act but live the part and be your own character! Although it can be difficult, ballet is very fun and rewarding.