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A Special Mother is Born by Leticia Velasquez is an amazing and moving book for and about “special mothers”, ordinary women called to live to their fullest potential by parenting children with special needs such as autism, Down syndrome, Trisonomy 18 and aspergers. The book contains touching personal accounts (and pictures!) of families chosen by God to raise children with developmental disabilities and other special needs. Each story, by a different contributor, is an honest look at challenges faced by these families. Each story shares one mother’s fears, hopes, challenges, joys and eventual strong faith.  The stories are riveting, inspirational and … beautiful.

Each story has its own mesmerizing beginning. One contributor, Lisa Barker, begins “Boo was born with silvery hair and appeared as if she’d just been whisked away from the fairies.” I was drawn into this description of Lisa’s daughter Rebecca and quickly read and turned page after page,  devouring the account of little Boo’s  life and of  her mother’s wisdom and unique perspective interspersed throughout the pages.

Another personal account in the book begins, “Miracles do happen. They just don’t always look the way we think they’re supposed to look.” And I can assure you, after reading this particular story,  this was a truly a story of miracles!

Time and time again, the blessings of raising special needs children are revealed. The reader gets a rare peek into the personal thoughts of mothers who are engaged in the challenging but rewarding l task of loving and raising a child who is labeled “different” . “I can do all things in Christ Who strengthens me”  (Philippians 4:13) is a recurring theme of the book and anyone who needs a dose of hope will find it in the pages of A Special Mother is Born.

After these moving testimonies of life, author Leticia offers a well -documented short history of the eugenics movement, and how America has come to reject those persons deemed less than perfect.  The history is concise, clear and just the right length for the reader to understand and commit to memory for use, perhaps, in later discussions with others.

Next comes an account of Leticia’s debut into the public world and work of speaking up for disabled children and encouraging others to embrace a pro-life view as she became an activist promoting life on Capitol Hill.  Her moving speech given in Washington, D.C. is reproduced in the book.

One of the most practical and valuable parts of the book is the appendix of pro-life resources for special needs parenting, making A Special Mother is Born a real help for families facing challenges of a special needs diagnosis.

Many hearts will be touched by this beautiful book. I recommend it wholeheartedly!

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