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Getting a blog up and running is more work than I imagined, and it’s not the content that threw me. I’ve been a writer for years so words don’t scare me. In fact, I find comfort in their presence and consider them much like oxygen- something I could not live without.

I wasn’t intimidated by knowing people would be reading the blog either. If anything, that motivated me to get it going. Like I said, I’ve been a writer for years and every writer gets a charge out of creating something of value, of worth and of interest to others. If it’s beautiful linguistically, even better.  When people have asked me where my internet “home” is after reading pieces I’ve written for magazines or newspapers, or Stories for the Homeschool Heart (you can read about that by clicking on the tab at the top) I have, in the past, sheepishly replied, “well, no where really.” I knew the time for finding my own place on the internet had come. I needed to organize my ‘stuff’ and find a place to call ‘home’.

So why did the creation of this blog create such trouble for me?

Ok, I’ll tell you why. It was the design- Just setting up house was very intimidating. I came to realize when people stop by my blog that it would be  like bringing them into my home. I wanted a place neat and orderly, welcoming and simple. I consider myself fairly creative but I got ‘creator’s block’. I wanted to be modern, yet traditional. Chic and young but … seasoned. Relaxed but relevant. Strong but gentle. Think I set myself up to a daunting task there?

Next, the blog designs quickly overwhelmed me. The whole process was not unlike trying on clothes in the department store. This ‘outfit’ (blog design)was too loud. That ‘outfit’ (blog design) was too plain or a little out of date. Some were so elaborate I didn’t even know where to start (not unlike trying on accessories with an outfit, and there was no perfectly dressed sales clerk to help me coordinate things) I saw sites that just didn’t fit me. Do I provide a photograph up top? A cute cartoon? Should I pay to upgrade? Will that really make a difference for my own simple purposes? Then, the worse thing about the whole process- when I visited other’s blogs sometimes I felt….envious.  How could theirs be so perfect and I couldn’t even choose a header?

And so, I did what every other person in my situation might do. I created multiple blogs. Each had a different feeling. And I asked my friends which they liked best- which they related to. The only problem was, I got different answers. So I worked some more, put content on each and tried again. But blog-making is time consuming and my goodness, the children wanted dinner. Every night. And I homeschool my kids so mama can’t be sitting around playing with fonts and textures all day. My husband would tip-toe into the dining room late at night and find me sitting before a blue flickering screen, nearly having an affair with the computer. I had to stop. I had to stop trying to be perfect.

It was time just to be authentic. Just to be me.

So, I picked this design. It is plain and simple. It doesn’t really vie for attention amongst the cacophony of ads and websites and colors and sounds on the internet. And that’s okay. I like to think of it as a quiet spot on a beach, where the sea meets the sand,  with white and sunshine and ‘pops’ of color here and there, where I figure out this thing called life and work out how to get eventually, from earth to heaven . My simple home.

I kept the multiple blogs and in time I will figure out how each will morph, how they fit together and what the purpose of each will be, but for now, this is the place I’m going to invite you to find me. The focus clearly is going to be content over graphics. I picked it like I picked our wedding invitations- it is understated with nice ‘lines’, ecru even. The most important part of a wedding invitation is expressing joy and providing information about a time and place where others can join the happy couple as they make a commitment in blessed matrimony. The most important part of my blog here is likewise expressing joy (and a journey) and providing a time and place where I would like to share a bit of my life and work with you, and a commitment to excellence, my family and God.

This is the place I will invite my family members, neighbors and friends, both new and old, my editors and publishers who want to know a more personal ‘me’, and anybody who wants to know one perspective of one woman who is trying to find her way to heaven and bring her family with her. If you’re interested, take a peek. Welcome to my ‘spot’. Welcome to my ‘home’.

God bless~